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Real Women, Real Leaders
IBR Special

by IBR Malaysia
07 March 2017


In boardrooms across Malaysia and around the world, women are driving the world of business forward in ways that could not have been imagined just a few decades ago. Women are innovating and inspiring in every sector, from aerospace to architecture, to professional sports and publishing.

We featured some of these women in an International Business Review  Special, highlighting the decision-makers Malaysia is paying attention to in banking, healthcare, bio-tech, education and ICT, among many others.


CEO of AmInvestment Bank

Former CEO and MD of Hong Leong Islamic Bank

A former investment banker who served prominent Middle Eastern banks and Bursa Malaysia prior to her current job, Raja Teh Maimunah made the jump into Islamic Banking over 17 years ago. Describing it as her “spiritual awakening,” Raja Teh is a strong advocate of the approach to banking services which rejects the charging of interest in favour of a system of fixed (and non-cumulative) fees.

Raja Teh readily accepts that balancing the roles of young mother and corporate executive was perhaps the most challenging aspect of her career, but she admits that her management style is not that different from her parenting methods. She is more conscious of the need to nurture talent, and her transformational recipe for success: “If you can sufficiently guide your team and help them grow within the organization, they too will inspire the next generation.”

While acknowledging that women often have to work harder than their male counterparts, Raja Teh rejects concerns about the glass ceiling. “Women bring more than enough to the corporate world. Acknowledging the glass ceiling only plants a seed of self-doubt and inhibits natural talent and capability.”


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