International Business Review



INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS REVIEW - SOUTHEAST ASIA, is a business to business publication that brings together business and government leaders in the region. It carries in-depth analyses and reviews of business leaders and statesmen. The magazine features articles that cover a global overview of the Southeast Asian markets with in-depth analysis of the developments that Southeast Asia’s emerging economies are undergoing.


International Business Review Southeast Asia is the perfect vehicle to position your company among the relevant market in the region. With 10,000 copies per issue and distributed based on a controlled and direct mailing circulation, International Business Review Southeast Asia reaches the senior decision makers of large and medium-sized organizations – CEO’s, Presidents, Managing Directors, and other senior executives or in the case of governments – heads of states, head of government and/or ministers positioned in key ministries in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. The magazine is also available in the online and mobile platforms allowing maximum exposure and publicity while ensuring all possible avenues to reach its readers.