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The Economy OR the Environment: is development a zero sum game?

by Southeast Asia
26 Oct 2015
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Climate change is a crucial issue for economies around the world, even more so in developing countries. What can ASEAN nations do to enforce sustainable development, reduce their carbon footprints, and minimise environmental degradation? Is there a way we can grow our economies and protect the planet?

1 Responded

  1. Nessreen Tamano

    Thursday, Jan 14 2016 09:28:38 PM

    For one thing, get ASEAN to actually care about (protecting) the planet. Programmes that help us understand why it's a GOOD thing to support environmentally friendly initiatives and businesses (make it cool!), and that are up-to-date and relevant. At the moment, though, only rich people can "afford to be aware". Everyone else is just thinking about getting more money. - Negative Nancy

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